Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Declaration of love to palazzo pants

Douglas Hannant resort 2014 Source.

I think palazzo pants are amazing! There are casual yet polished pieces for day wear, formal enough pieces for the office and some really cool pieces screaming party time. :) Palazzo pants are well-matched with peplum tops, boho tees and office blouses. And they are the best pants of all time for a summer vacation: bright, comfy and easy-breezy. Besides, your legs will be protected from the active sun during the first days accomodation to a hotter weather. 
Palazzo pants go in numerous colors and patterns, among which are: floral, tribal, chevron, and abstract print. I tried to choose the best 5 pieces for you, but I got carried away a bit and I liked it! ;) Here are some of my picks that are both chic and affordable.  

  • Palazzo pants with a breathtaking floral print and embroidered waistband, may look like a skirt at first sight but it is not ;) I would definitely wear them for a date with my bf.
  • Linen
  • Cdcloth, $40

  • Great palazzo pants to wear at the office. Match them with black pumps, tucked chiffon top and a statement necklace to look stylish and professional.
  • Polyester
  • NY collectionm, $16

  • These pants have a relaxed fit and roomy front pork chop pockets, so they will be suitable for running errands: doing grocery shopping, walking a dog, and many more different activities.
  • Light denim
  • KUT, $56

  • Team these flower power pants with a simple crop top and wedge sandals. I'm in love with this piece - it's simply stunning!
  • DailyLook, $60

  • Casual palazzo pants with a vibrant tribal print. Try teaming them with sandals and a tank top for an everyday summer "go to" wear.
  • Flowing silky fabric
  • American-made by KMystic, $29

  • Nice pair of pants that look trendy and classy at the same time. I love how edgy and well-structured they are. They will look nice with pointy heels, a chain necklace and an envelope snake clutch. 
  • Silk
  • Aryn K, $73

  • Palazzo pants for a lover of comfort. The print itself looks relaxing. I see myself drinking Mochito on the back yard in these pants. Haha :) 
  • Soft knit jersey fabric
  • American-made by Jubilee Couture, $21

  • Daily chic pants with a vivid pattern and a crochet waistband. They will look good with both flats and pumps.
  • Full Tilt, $27

  • Nice lace pants to wear for an Arabian nights party. Wear some gold necklaces and massive chandelier earrings to become the party queen. 
  • Lace
  • Anna Kaci, $25

  • High-waisted palazzo pants for a retro look. Try wearing them with platform shoes, oversized sunglasses and a huge black sunhat! Loads of compliments are guaranteed. 
  • American-made by Superline, $25

Monday, 21 July 2014

Dear Monday, I want to break up ;)

I can totally relate to this funny quote, as Monday is one of the hardest days for me. But I am intended to change this with my new Happy Monday outfit. It is witty, trendy and hopefully will put a smile on the face of all my friends who share my not-loving of Mondays. I mixed a funny boho tee with high waist denim shorts and added some accents with cute rings and delicate branch necklace. The bag is here to spice up the outfit and I bet it screams: "OMG Monday again!" This expresses my attitude to Mondays in such a perfect way! :) I added my beloved caged sandals, which will suit any style, doesn't matter if you opt for conservative, sport or boho, like me. 

This loose comfy tee has "Monday" on it with picto for some of the letters. To me it looks like a short story - you don't want to open your eyes feeling you can fall asleep again any time, but here is a cuppa to save you! Cute, isn't it? JTC, $24 

High waist denim shorts is one of the hottest trends this summer. Need I really say more? These ones are USA made and fit like glove. Apparel Sense $25

1- I love how unusual this tribal bugle bracelet is! ZAD, $11
2- The cutest lamb ring I have ever seen in my life! They have it in silver too. Victoria Cors, $18 
3- Share your love for tribal style wearing this patterned triangle ring! Victoria Cors, $18 
4- Delicate branch necklace is made by a USA-based designer Yochi, who was born in a family of florists and puts lots of love for nature into every piece she hand makes. Yochi, $54 

Funky pair of these cage sandals is a fashion find to die for! They have edgy stud details, a back zipper ensures easy on/off, and stacked heel makes them easy to walk in. Lucky Brand $36 

This bag by Betsey Johnson is a great conversation starter! The colors are super adaptable and the bling is so much fun! You won't get tired of repeating: "OMG I love it!" :) Betsey Johnson, $45 

Have a great Monday! And stay tuned for more posts coming your way!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pioneer day outfit

Lately my friend Arlynn and I discussed preparations for Pioneer day (July 24). She is from Utah, so this is as big as Christmas to her. Pioneer day is celebrated to honor the courage of Mormon pioneers who entered Utah’s Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Beehive is the official symbol of Pioneer day as well as the official state emblem of Utah. Activities on Pioneer day include fireworks, parades, picnics and rodeos. Arlynn has 2 younger brothers so she plans some activities for them, too, like making a covered wagon model, preparing berry ink, baking bread, and making loads of homemade taffy! She asked me to come up with an outfit idea, and here is my attempt to make the outfit both thematic and modern.

I wanted the outfit to be very pretty yet modest to commemorate the hard life of pioneer women. I found some amazing jewelry and a bag that develop the topic of beehive. I know some brands like Artka that offer the 19th century styled pieces, but they are a bit pricey, while my goal was to stay on budget. 

Lace top with a crochet collar is the best way to bring out your femininity. I love how the top and a bold-printed skirt look together. OSA, $23 

A-line pleated skirt with a floral print is so much retro style! I love it! It is mirroring the color of the top in a very nice way. Pretty Guide, $25

I don't think that pioneer women could wear fancy shoes, so I found these cut-out ankle booties that are both simple and chic. They will suit your boho outfits, too! Qupid $31 

I like how this bumble-bee tote develops the idea of beehive. The quotes on it are so meaningful: "Be thankful! Be kind! Be joyful!" Perfect for Pioneer day and any other day, too. You get a very cute bee charm as a bonus. Bradford $70

These earrings feature the iconic hexagonal cutout pattern from bee hives. They are unique and buzzing in independent style. Heirloom finds, $12

The geometric honeycomb bracelet is all about bee-ing beautiful and in fashion. Heirloom finds, $ 16

Thursday, 17 July 2014

5 best bomber jackets on sale!

Today I chose 5 bomber jackets - all they are lightweight, trendy and on sale. ;) I love bombers, as they can be an alternative for suit jackets, motor jackets and everything in between. And they come in so many different colors and styles! Also a bomber is a piece for a wise shopper, as it is great for windy and chilly summer nights as well as for rainy autumn days. So if you are keen on thrifty and versatile pieces, read on!

  • Romantic style
  • Sheer organza material with a floral print
  • Ju-Ju-Be $32

  • Casual/Sport chic style
  • Soft silky material/Cotton+Modal/Beautiful cold pigment wash effect
  • DKNY $86
  • Formal style/Office fashion
  • 80% Cotton/Premium italian cloth with a geometric print
  • Helene Berman $61
So guys, which bomber is your fav? Let me know in the comments. ;)

Dreaming of the sea: styling crochet pants, straw tote and rose quartz jewelry.

You know what has always surprised me? A lot of people living by the sea do not go to the beach often. When I ask them why, they say: "Ah, it's not like it's gonna disappear, right." And "Too busy to go this year." It sounds like the sea is so ordinary to them. I always wonder, will I be the same if I move to the seashore?
I go to the seaside once in 3-4 years and these rare trips are full of magic to me. Dazzling white yachts, fresh salty smell in the air, soothing murmur of breakers on pebbles, and the waters are so shiny that it's hard to see the line where the ocean meets the skies. A special place needs a special outfit, and here it is:

The look is very fresh and romantic. It сombines several summer trends like crochet, wedge pumps and a straw bag. White color will make your tanned skin look gorgeous. Wear it 
  • to go to a restaurant attached to a fish market, 
  • to visit an aquarium to see different types of marine life, and 
  • to discover tasteful yet interesting handmade ceramics and jewelry at a gift shop.

Lace and layered chiffon is a must-have for those who love all things pretty. OSA $32 on sale

Crochet is one of the most adored pieces this summer: it is used for tops, shoes, bags and even bracelets. Still crochet pants remain a piece that I don't see around often. Why not be different? Besides, they look appropriate both for the beach and the restaurant! West Coast Wardrobe $58 

Introduce some high fashion chic to the look with wedge pumps by Ralph Lauren. Note that they are super comfortable to wear even if you have high arches. Ralph Lauren $69  

The necklace resembles me bunches of red and white currants - so cute and yum! Charms to Treasure $33  

It is so natural to wear pearls for a sea vacation. These are matched with red quartz and have such a nice sheen! Amazon curated collection $42  

Fancy, animal friendly, and won't break the bank - it's all about this straw tote! Mind that you get a small zippered bag as a bonus. ;) BIG BUDDHA, $56 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest.

Do you remember a cute song from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music?
It is called My Favorite Things and some of my friends call it the best Christmas song ever. It was also used in Glee TV series and in 1D boy band's commercial for their fragrance Our Moment. 

(by the way, the fake "making" video of that commercial is hilarious.)

I like the sweet ending of the song: "When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things. And then I don’t feel so bad!"

So, what are your "favorite things" just thinking of which makes you feel happier no matter the day, the situation, the mood? 

To me these are:

  • Ice-cream, cake, biscuits, cookies... I don't eat them often but they never fail to cheer me up. :)
  • Tea... I am a huge lover of different tea types, especially Oolong.
  • And kitties... Every time I see a little (or big) ball of fur; whiskers, eyes, graceful walk, it immediately puts a smile on my face. And purring is like divine music to me.

I could never imagine that one day I would see a dress that would have all these put together. But this kind of dress exists, yay! 

Check out this adorable print of ice-cream and all things sweet, tea cups and kitties! This dress is US made by Japan LA, very lightweight, and the material is super soft and stretchy. Sounds like a great piece for summer time! 

One of my friends said that the print was too childish, but to me it is an example of a very cute pop art style. If you like rockabilly and Japanese anime style - this dress is a must for you! But I also think that matching it with simple accessories, plain shoes and nude make up will make you stand out of the crowd and get lots of compliments! Love it? Grab it here.

So guys, what are your most favorite things that make you happy? By any chance, are they the same as mine? ;)

*images belong to Japan LA

Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to turn workwear into a gorgeous night out look

If you are working as a secretary, shop assistant, security guard or school custodian (wow, they all start with s- and I didn't do it on purpose, I swear) then you don't have a luxury of casual Fridays and have to wear a jacket with tie and crisp white shirt all week long. So you cannot head to club-pub-friend's party after the end of your shift on Friday like many of your friends, who work in other industries. You probably have to drive home, change your clothes, and then head out, which can be rather irritating. When you eventually get to the venue, you realise the party has started without you! This is a bit heartbreaking, isn't it? 

Here is a little trick how to turn your workwear into a gorgeous night out look. It can also be an inspiration for everyone who wants to play with a school or a college girl look, as a classy shirt+skirt look a lot like a school/college uniform. Even if you have casual Fridays at work, don't hesitate to try this outfit. Just change the cotton blouse from this look to a chiffon blouse, silk top or loose tee in cold color palette and you are all done! 

The  look is based on typical women's uniform clothes - a cotton short-sleeved shirt and a black skirt. To transform it I added a jacket, posh shoes, edgy bag and a statement necklace.

The shirt looks neat, modern and professional. The fabrics and short sleeves are very summer-friendly. Russel, $29 

The trumpet skirt is very girly and pretty. Besides it has a nice structure and will most likely stay in place if it is windy outside. :) This skirt is an awesome basic piece and you can pair it in so many ways - with a long crochet vest or hoodie and sneakers, a leather moto jacket or an office jacket, bright leggings or eyelet tights. The number of combinations is almost endless! ;) Three dots skirt (USA-made), $44  

The shoes are a definite eye-catcher and would frame your pedicure beautifully. When I first saw them: peep-toe, cow leather, lace parts, I was like: "Wow, well worth the price!" BeautyLover frost shoes, $35 

This statement necklace with Austrian crystals sets a mysterious and a bit dark mood. But this is good! It will make a contrast with the rest of the crowd and some guy, who doesn't mind solving mysteries, will definitely notice you. :). EverFaith punk necklace, $25  

I feel this bucket cross body will be loved by style mavins. It has trendy eyelet details and it is not sloppy - it won't flop like most bucket bags when you put them down. It goes with anything - be it boho, classy or sport chic outfits. Madden Girl bucket bag, $44 

This bouclé and leather jacket looks almost formal if you wear sleeves down, but roll them up and here comes the rock girl! Love the zippers and the collar! Mango biker jacket, $70