Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to turn workwear into a gorgeous night out look

If you are working as a secretary, shop assistant, security guard or school custodian (wow, they all start with s- and I didn't do it on purpose, I swear) then you don't have a luxury of casual Fridays and have to wear a jacket with tie and crisp white shirt all week long. So you cannot head to club-pub-friend's party after the end of your shift on Friday like many of your friends, who work in other industries. You probably have to drive home, change your clothes, and then head out, which can be rather irritating. When you eventually get to the venue, you realise the party has started without you! This is a bit heartbreaking, isn't it? 

Here is a little trick how to turn your workwear into a gorgeous night out look. It can also be an inspiration for everyone who wants to play with a school or a college girl look, as a classy shirt+skirt look a lot like a school/college uniform. Even if you have casual Fridays at work, don't hesitate to try this outfit. Just change the cotton blouse from this look to a chiffon blouse, silk top or loose tee in cold color palette and you are all done! 

The  look is based on typical women's uniform clothes - a cotton short-sleeved shirt and a black skirt. To transform it I added a jacket, posh shoes, edgy bag and a statement necklace.

The shirt looks neat, modern and professional. The fabrics and short sleeves are very summer-friendly. Russel, $29 

The trumpet skirt is very girly and pretty. Besides it has a nice structure and will most likely stay in place if it is windy outside. :) This skirt is an awesome basic piece and you can pair it in so many ways - with a long crochet vest or hoodie and sneakers, a leather moto jacket or an office jacket, bright leggings or eyelet tights. The number of combinations is almost endless! ;) Three dots skirt (USA-made), $44  

The shoes are a definite eye-catcher and would frame your pedicure beautifully. When I first saw them: peep-toe, cow leather, lace parts, I was like: "Wow, well worth the price!" BeautyLover frost shoes, $35 

This statement necklace with Austrian crystals sets a mysterious and a bit dark mood. But this is good! It will make a contrast with the rest of the crowd and some guy, who doesn't mind solving mysteries, will definitely notice you. :). EverFaith punk necklace, $25  

I feel this bucket cross body will be loved by style mavins. It has trendy eyelet details and it is not sloppy - it won't flop like most bucket bags when you put them down. It goes with anything - be it boho, classy or sport chic outfits. Madden Girl bucket bag, $44 

This bouclé and leather jacket looks almost formal if you wear sleeves down, but roll them up and here comes the rock girl! Love the zippers and the collar! Mango biker jacket, $70

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