Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Styling leather top, lace skirt and lacquered oxfords.

Can a top+skirt combo be a head turner? The answer is "Yes!" Simply try this look - it is sophisticated, powerful and very curves-flattering.

The combo of scarlet and black may seem a bit aggressive to someone, but mixing differently textured materials like lace, bamboo, lacquered and textured leather, will make you look softer and more feminine. The look has no central pieces, as every detail here is worth noticing. 

Although a leather top doesn't sound like a modest piece, in this case it is not revealing at all. It fits like a glove and makes the overall look more structured. Leather is only on the front part of the top, back is made of a stretchy fabric, which makes it very comfortable. Shop it here. Calvin Klein, $32 

Made is NYC garment district, the skirt is a one of a kind piece. The lace is inspired by the designs of hand-woven baskets from Uganda. Shop it here: Only Hearts basket weave lace pencil skirt, $25 

Oxfords are breaking the stereotype that skirts look good with the heels only. These ones are comfortable and would go well with most dress shorts and skirts that I have in my wardrobe. The sole is rubber, not the slippery type one and the dark plum color is gorgeous! Shop them here: Charm Foot oxfords, $25 

This bag needs its own runway - it is a well-crafted designer item at a decent price. It is vegan but doesn't look cheap due to a nice shape, bamboo and gold elements and various leather textures - top-grained white, lacquered crimson and textured black. You will love wearing it as a cross shoulder. Shop it from Anne Klein, $57 

Everyone is used to bead bracelets on cotton/silk cords, but pyramid stations and faceted nuggets are something new. The pieces are 18K gold-plated and I like how gold looks combined with the red cord: expensive enough to go with a suit and studded enough to go with jeans and a leather jacket. Shop it here: Ettika bracelet, $28

The bracelet is made of laminated bamboo and it gets additional points from me as it is not plastic. It reminds me of some Ikebana compositions (japanese art of making flower compositions), when pieces are put together making a kind of a fence. =) All pieces are of different shape which makes the bracelet look even more unique. Shop it here: JewelryVolt bracelet, $9 

What accessory can make the summer outfit more polished than cat eye sunglasses? I know none, really. =) So here they are - in lilac fade, which matches dark plum Oxfords. Case is included and lenses are prescription ready. Shop them here: Kate Spade New York, $95

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