Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dreaming of the sea: styling crochet pants, straw tote and rose quartz jewelry.

You know what has always surprised me? A lot of people living by the sea do not go to the beach often. When I ask them why, they say: "Ah, it's not like it's gonna disappear, right." And "Too busy to go this year." It sounds like the sea is so ordinary to them. I always wonder, will I be the same if I move to the seashore?
I go to the seaside once in 3-4 years and these rare trips are full of magic to me. Dazzling white yachts, fresh salty smell in the air, soothing murmur of breakers on pebbles, and the waters are so shiny that it's hard to see the line where the ocean meets the skies. A special place needs a special outfit, and here it is:

The look is very fresh and romantic. It —Āombines several summer trends like crochet, wedge pumps and a straw bag. White color will make your tanned skin look gorgeous. Wear it 
  • to go to a restaurant attached to a fish market, 
  • to visit an aquarium to see different types of marine life, and 
  • to discover tasteful yet interesting handmade ceramics and jewelry at a gift shop.

Lace and layered chiffon is a must-have for those who love all things pretty. OSA $32 on sale

Crochet is one of the most adored pieces this summer: it is used for tops, shoes, bags and even bracelets. Still crochet pants remain a piece that I don't see around often. Why not be different? Besides, they look appropriate both for the beach and the restaurant! West Coast Wardrobe $58 

Introduce some high fashion chic to the look with wedge pumps by Ralph Lauren. Note that they are super comfortable to wear even if you have high arches. Ralph Lauren $69  

The necklace resembles me bunches of red and white currants - so cute and yum! Charms to Treasure $33  

It is so natural to wear pearls for a sea vacation. These are matched with red quartz and have such a nice sheen! Amazon curated collection $42  

Fancy, animal friendly, and won't break the bank - it's all about this straw tote! Mind that you get a small zippered bag as a bonus. ;) BIG BUDDHA, $56 

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