Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pioneer day outfit

Lately my friend Arlynn and I discussed preparations for Pioneer day (July 24). She is from Utah, so this is as big as Christmas to her. Pioneer day is celebrated to honor the courage of Mormon pioneers who entered Utah’s Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Beehive is the official symbol of Pioneer day as well as the official state emblem of Utah. Activities on Pioneer day include fireworks, parades, picnics and rodeos. Arlynn has 2 younger brothers so she plans some activities for them, too, like making a covered wagon model, preparing berry ink, baking bread, and making loads of homemade taffy! She asked me to come up with an outfit idea, and here is my attempt to make the outfit both thematic and modern.

I wanted the outfit to be very pretty yet modest to commemorate the hard life of pioneer women. I found some amazing jewelry and a bag that develop the topic of beehive. I know some brands like Artka that offer the 19th century styled pieces, but they are a bit pricey, while my goal was to stay on budget. 

Lace top with a crochet collar is the best way to bring out your femininity. I love how the top and a bold-printed skirt look together. OSA, $23 

A-line pleated skirt with a floral print is so much retro style! I love it! It is mirroring the color of the top in a very nice way. Pretty Guide, $25

I don't think that pioneer women could wear fancy shoes, so I found these cut-out ankle booties that are both simple and chic. They will suit your boho outfits, too! Qupid $31 

I like how this bumble-bee tote develops the idea of beehive. The quotes on it are so meaningful: "Be thankful! Be kind! Be joyful!" Perfect for Pioneer day and any other day, too. You get a very cute bee charm as a bonus. Bradford $70

These earrings feature the iconic hexagonal cutout pattern from bee hives. They are unique and buzzing in independent style. Heirloom finds, $12

The geometric honeycomb bracelet is all about bee-ing beautiful and in fashion. Heirloom finds, $ 16

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