Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunny after rain - inspired look

It has been pouring an hour ago, but now the sun is shinning brightly. Wet grass and leaves are glittering, birds are singing, the air is filled with wonderful fresh smells. It could be a perfect day to go out, but puddles and wet ground are making you hesitant, if that would be a truly pleasant experience. Stop worrying about it and just wear this "sunny after rain - inspired" look.

What will others typically wear when the rain has just finished? Baggy pants, boots, a hoodie... Why not to be different and wear a feminine dress, a biker jacket, posh earrings and a decadent punk necklace?

The dress looks very basic but its length shows legs in a flattering way. Besides its upper part is perfect to demonstrate the necklace.

The necklace is an unusual mix of a metal chain, associated with everything brutal, and feminine sparkling crystals. Blood red crystals look dark and dramatic, but combined with emerald dress it is such a burst of colour! It resembles the style of Joomi Lim's high fashion jewelry, but at 10 times more affordable price. 

You will fear no puddles wearing these rubber peeptoe sandals with a flirty double bow on the front. According to the 1955 ISCC-NBS color list I would determine this colour as Lust (its an official name), but the manufacturer claims its simple red colour. =)

A worn-out and bleached washed denim biker jacket adds some character and balances tough and feminine sides of the ensemble.

Did you notice how triangle front closure of the wallet duplicates the form of the jacket collar and the zipper on it? That makes them a good match.

You may want to wear your hair pulled up after the rain, because the air is still humid and it is not what makes hair look good. But to your advantage this hairstyle shows your ears and you can demonstrate these amazing zipper earrings.

2- Heirloom finds necklace, $25

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